Business development

Arvisor provides end-to-end support from the business concept and strategy definition through business plan development and investment readiness:

  • Development of business models based on initial business ideas and technology.
  • Definition of market approach strategy considering competition, barriers to entry/exit, alternative technologies, products and services and addressable market considerations.
  • Business plan development including documentation of business strategy, description of technology, product and services, marketing approach, organizational setup and financial planning (p&l, balance sheet, investment and liquidity plan).

Operations Management

We provide operational improvement services aimed to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business:

  • Definition of Operational blue print covering aspects related to planning and running startups and new businesses in general.
  • Development of liquidity and working capital management processes to allow and sustain business growth.
  • Identification of measures to improve working capital (accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventories) to release cash from Operations.
  • Supply chain management optimization including improvements in costs, service levels and capital employed.
  • Implementation management through targets definition, development and implementation of KPIs and project management.

Strategic and Operational m&a

Arvisor provides consulting services that support the development and execution of your m&a strategy:

  • Development and implementation of carve-out and integration strategies to enhance deal value.
  • Identification of risks areas and mitigation strategies with operational due diligence (sell and buy side) to manage post-transaction Operations.
  • Identification of opportunities for synergies and operational improvements through the evaluation of business plans and their underlying operational assumptions.